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About us

About us

Temporary Employment Agency
Profit Group

We perfectly know the realities of the modern labor market. We select staff that matches the profile and requirements of your company. Recruitment, outsourcing and leasing of employees is the specialization of our headhunters who are able to select experts from many countries. Profit Group specializes in employment in industries such as: logistics, production and automotive. Our agency have the best solutions for large logistics centers and shipping companies.

We want you to have the most appropriately selected staff. Profit Group professionally deal with problems related to employee rotation – we fill employment gaps immediately. Our agency take care of all the formalities, thanks to which you are not only saving money spent on recruitment processes, but also valuable time.


of using
Profit Group services

Companies that use the services of the Profit Group Temporary Employment Agency can focus on the core activities of their company. Recruitment, leasing, outsourcing, selection of the best experts and the formalities all become our responsibility.

Save time and financial resources 100%
Improvement of work organization 100%
Ease of settlements 100%
Employee visa service 100%

Hire the best employees.


How does the
Recruitment Process look like?

We are committed to an active and non-standard search for candidates. Profit Group uses a whole range of various methods and services of specialized headhunters, thanks to which we guarantee the selection of the best staff.

We deal with:

Conducting a multi-stage recruitment process

Interviewing and running tests

Conducting interviews

Meetings and interviews with candidates

Organizing work trials

Verification of employees' skills and qualifications

"We are pleased to recommend the Profit Group Temporary Employment Agency, which guarantees satisfactory cooperation and high-level services"


"The company's activities are distinguished by flexibility, professionalism and a comprehensive approach to recruitment for warehouse positions. We especially value the involvement of Profit Group employees and high-quality service"

Eurocash Grupa A

"The Profit Group company provides services in accordance with the standards of commercial cooperation, and thanks to the solidarity of the company's employees - the standard of these services is high. To all clients who value professionalism, commitment and time, we recommend to use the services provided by Profit Group - a company that fully meets our expectations"



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