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Profit Group – Warsaw Employment Agency

Zero problems with rotation

In case of employees rotation we provide a substitute employee in no time thanks to the collaboration with international departments.

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Projects for large companies

90% of our clients are wide-reaching enterprises. We have the best resolutions for huge logistic centers and shipping companies.

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Full professionalism

We are the experts in recruitment, legalization of residence, human resources management and work organization of employees

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Don’t hesitate and check the newest job offers now! Warsaw Employment Agency will take care of every element of your new career path.


Warsaw Employment Agency Profit Group

We are an Warsaw Employment Agency which engages the best experts from every corner of Poland, as well as from outside of its borders.

Knowledge, experience and complex operation make it possible for us to find the ideal professionals for every enterprise. As Warsaw Employment Agency we take care of all recruitment steps, as well as of outsourcing and employees lease. We find the best employees for seasonal jobs, as well as long term employment.

If you want to focus on the main mission of your company, entrust us with the recruitment of your employees and the documentation connected to it – it will save you the time and the money.

Recruitment with us is an easy and quick process

We will take care of all the documentation, visa enquiries, organization of your work staff. With us you are guaranteed the minimum of formalities: one VAT invoice, no ZUS & US settlements.

We have the experience and the best experts

Perfect knowledge of the market, we are able to adapt our methods to the requirements of your industry. Realize projects for large and known enterprises.


We take care of HR & Payroll Services

We employ workers from both Poland and abroad.

Employee outsourcing

Allows for cost and time optimization in regards to employee work.

Employee leasing

We choose the staff for projects and seasonal jobs.

Visa management

Complex visa management for employees from outside of the European Union.

Residence extension

Usually issued for a period of up to 3 years. Applies to non-EU workers.

Job offers

Adapted to the modern labor market and its needs.

Are you looking for an expert employee for your company?

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Profit Group in numbers:

We have 4 branches all over the world

We provide 500 employees monthly

We operate in 59 industries

As many as 150 companies have already signed contracts with us

90 % of them are large enterprises


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